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PickleRage at Avenues Walk

PickleRage at Avenues Walk offers accredited investors a unique opportunity to participate in an emerging sports venue in Jacksonville, Florida. This 30,209 square foot indoor pickleball club, situated just 13 miles south of downtown Jacksonville and near EverBank Stadium, is designed with a “player-first” approach and will include nine state-of-the-art CushionX courts, superior lighting, a player lounge, and a pro shop. In addition, the facility plans to host a variety of leagues, tournaments, and clinics, we expect for this club to be a vibrant community hub.

NOTICE: An investment in this project is speculative and subject to risk, including, inter alia, the risk that all of your investment may be lost, the risk that the popularity of Pickleball could be fleeting, the risks of competition, and the risks of lower demand in the project. Any representations herein concerning the viability, resiliency, and profitability of this project, PickleRage, and/or the sport of Pickleball, including, without limitation, the stability, diversification, security, resistance to inflation and any other representations as to the merits of investing in this project, in PickleRage’s business model, and/or in the sport of Pickleball reflect our belief concerning the representations and may or may not come to be realized. Cash distributions and any specific returns or type of returns are not promised or guaranteed. Securities are only available to verified accredited investors who can bear the risk of loss of their investment. This e-mail is not intended to be, nor should it be construed or used as, an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, which offer may be made only at the time a qualified offeree receives a current Private Placement Memorandum relating to a proposed investment opportunity. 

These materials may contain “forward looking statements” and actual results may differ from any expectations, projections, or predictions made based upon such forward looking statements. Prospective investors are cautioned against placing undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.

Note: While the premises has not yet been built out, we believe the business plan for the Avenues Walk location is to build 9 courts for use by members.

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